Marriage Covenant Event

August 22, 2023

The Marriage Covenant experience provides married couples with teaching and ministry times to find God's perfect way for marriage by discovering His ancient path of covenant. There are also teachings on relational communication and how transparency in a marriage is the key to intimacy.  Teachings on video include Craig Hill, Bob & Audrey Meisner and Dave & Maxine Broom.  This impactful weekend concludes with a time to renew your marriage commitment in a meaningful celebration.  

This batch of married couple participants journeyed through 10 weekly meetings that culminated with a dinner and graduation together with invited married couples to witness their breakthroughs in marriage and friendship.


Jan Marc & Christine Rose Montalbo 
Nishal & Mayisa Nandwani
Xavier & Krishna Benedicto 
Rodlin & Helen Cawaling
Mike & Janet Marquez