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Family Foundations International (FFI) PhilAsia offers a variety of online as well as face to face, informative and life-changing seminars throughout the Philippines, South East Asia, and beyond

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Family Foundations International PhilAsia 

We are committed to delivering to God His inheritance in the saints. That inheritance is YOU, understanding your identity and living and fulfilling your destiny in Christ! 
With its national office based at the center of the Philippine archipelago, in Bacolod City Negros Occidental, FFI PhilAsia offers a variety of engaging informative and life-changing seminars coordinated and facilitated by its regional teams around the Philippines and in Asia.
Family Foundations International Incorporated is a non profit Christian Ministry based out of Littleton, Colorado, USA., founded by Craig and Jan Hill.   Through his past experiences in business, missions, counseling and pastoral ministries, God has given Craig unique insights into marriage, family, finance and interpersonal relationships.  This has resulted in his gift to identify for many people, root causes of interpersonal conflicts, compulsive habits, low self esteem, workaholics, lack of financial provision and various undesirable life patterns, which are repeated from one generation to the next.
Our Philippine based team is Family Foundations International PhilAsia, (FFI PhilAsia),   Espousing the culture of blessings in the Philippines.

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It is never too late to bless your family.  

"Remind me of this with every decision, Generations will reap what I sow  -  I can pass on a curse or a blessing to those I will never know",   

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